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Motion Wheelchairs Powered Chairs

Dedicated to helping those with mobility needs live the highest quality of life, Pride Mobility Products® Australia is the Australian subsidiary of Pride Mobility Products Corporation, the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of personal mobility products.


Stretto® features a narrow width for outstanding maneuverability and is equipped with independent SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension), making it ideal for children, teenagers and small adults.


Jazzy® 1450 offers heavy-duty construction & performance components. This bariatric power chair features a 272.1 kg weight capacity, front-wheel drive, and large front drive wheels.

Q6 Edge Z

The Q6 Edge® Z utilizes powerful 4-pole motors for maximum torque and Mid-Wheel 6® design for aggressive outdoor performance and precision indoor maneuverability.

Q6 Edge hd

Q6 Edge HD

With features like standard 4-pole motors, Mid-Wheel 6® Drive Design and ATX Suspension, the Q6 Edge® HD is engineered to meet the performance needs of the most active user.

Q6 Edge 3

The design of the Edge® 3 is for the most advanced power chair experience ever! Upgraded SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) provides a smooth, comfortable ride and advanced stability.


Quick Height Adjustable (QHA) armrests, TB3 Tilt – TRU-Balance 50 degree tilt, Swingaway legrests with angle adjustable and foot plates or centre-mount footboard

4 Front

4Front® 2 is the next generation of the 4Front® Power Chair! Smart Traction Control (STC), with Smooth Ride Suspension (SRS), provide stability for smooth obstacle transitions & driving performance.

Jazzy Air 2

Jazzy Air® 2 elevates 30.4 cm in 11 seconds. With a sleek, more modern look, this power chair safely drives at speeds up to 6.4 km/h while elevated.

Other Pride Mobility Powered Wheelchairs include

Powered Wheelchairs designed for ability and independence in everyday life putting the world within your reach. Clinical evidence, research and innovation are at the core of Permobil.

Permobil F3 Corpus

Small footprint, big impact. The F3 Corpus offers the smallest footprint of the F-series front wheel drive power wheelchairs.

Permobil F5 Corpus

Strength & stability. Power meets performance on the F5 Corpus power wheelchair with a 10 km/h top speed & upgraded ComfortRide Pro suspension.

Permobil F5 Corpus VS

Stand Without Compromise. We combined all of the performance features of the F5 Corpus with superior power standing wheelchair functionality.

Permobil Koala R-Net

The chair that grows with you. Designed to grow with a child for years to come, the Koala Mini-flex is the ideal paediatric wheelchair for toddlers.

Permobil K450 MX

Love and laughter are the spice of life! The all-wheel suspension system of the K450 MX provides a smooth ride, whether cruising the halls at school or heading out to the playground.

Permobil M1

One Chair. Endless Options. Finally, a true Permobil quality solution for those users who require a more traditional rehab style seating system with limited to no power seat functions.

Permobil M3 Corpus

Made for More. Meticulously engineered to help you maintain better positioning, feel more secure and reduce driving fatigue so you can conquer daily activities with ease.

Permobil M5 Corpus

Made for More. Take control with high-performance motors enabling a top speed of 10 km/h and exceptional low-end torque that lets you pivot like a pro.

Permobil Explorer Mini

Independence through exploration. The Explorer Mini is a regulatory cleared powered mobility solution that facilitates self-initiated movement and early exploration for young children 12 – 36 months of age with mobility impairments.

Permobil X850 Corpus

Bringing Back Adventure. The Permobil X850, our dedicated off-road power wheelchair brought back by popular demand. The X850 is designed to tackle a variety of terrain including paddocks, loose trails and even snow.

Smart Tracker & Devices

These power assist give you freedom to do more. A range of power assists including but not limited to Smart Drives for additional power up steep hills or distance travelled or battery life. The original SmartDrive PushTracker™ Switch controls or Apps.

Other Permobil Powered Wheelchairs include

F3 Power chair

F3 Front Wheel Drive Powerchair


F5 Front Wheel Drive Powerchair

Permobil F5 Standing

F5 VS Standing Front Wheel Drive


M300 HD

permobil Koala


Motion Wheelchairs Manual Chairs

Quickie’s cutting-edge wheelchair technology to keep pace with the demands of your active life. For over 30 years, QUICKIE has listened, researched, tested, and delivered. Our range of folding and rigid active wheelchairs are highly adjustable to suit you, your needs, and your active life.


Quickie IRIS


Quickie GP Series


Quickie 2




Quickie 7

* Further models available on request.

ZIPPIE paediatric wheelchairs are designed to enhance your child’s development and ability to explore. Our lightweight children’s wheelchairs range are versatile and offer a full range of easily tailored options and accessories, that can be tailored to suit child’s personality and needs.


Zippie Iris


Zippie Zone


Zippie 2

* Further models available on request.

Manual Wheelchairs designed for ability and independence in everyday life putting the world within your reach. Clinical evidence, research and innovation are at the core of Permobil.

TiLite Aero T

Pure geometry. Our most advanced aluminium chair, the Aero T’s dual-tube frame minimises weight while maximising performance.

TiLite Aero X

Multi-faceted simplicity. The Aero X features an innovative modular design with clean modern lines and configurability.

TiLite Aero Z

The open frame of the aluminium Aero Z calls out to the open road. The Aero Z is the only TiFit, mono-tube aluminium frame on the market.

TiLite 2GX

Titanium performance. The 2GX combines the advantages of a modular folding frame with the high strength and vibration dampening characteristics of titanium.

TiLite TR

The best from every angle. The sweeping curves of the titanium dual-tube frame are the perfect fusion of striking design and driven performance.

TiLite TRA

Roll better, live better. With the power and style of its titanium dual-tube frame, TiFit precision, and full adjustability, the TRA just rolls better.

TiLite ZR

Head turning style. With the ZR’s minimalist mono-tube frame, less truly is more. The titanium frame makes sure you have the strength and vibration-dampening ride to go with your beauty.

TiLite ZRA

No boundaries. With full adjustability mono-tube frame, the ZRA dishes out style without boundaries. Add the ZRA’s TiFit titanium frame, and you have the complete package.


Child prodigy. Designed from the ground up for kids, the TWIST encourages exploration, independence, and, yes, playfulness.

TiLite Pilot

Ready For Take Off. Watch your kid soar in the ultra-lightweight TiLite Pilot. Finally, a chair that moves and grows with your child.

Motion Wheelchairs Shower Commodes

As a part of K Care Healthcare Solutions, the Tubalco brand still exists, manufacturing and supplying a high-quality range of Australian made shower commodes to our customers.


920A & 920B


930A, 930B & 930C




970, 975 & 980

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