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Synergy Cushions

A new standard in Pressure Management, versatility and value.

The Synergy Cushions offers

  • Flexible Positioning Options
  • Choice of Air, Gel or Foam
  • Removable liner for easy customisation
  • Engineered for proper weight distribution
  • High Quality at a Great Value
  • EO192 code approved
  • Interfaces with most industry seating configurations and all Quantum Rehab Synergy seating products
  • Modular Positioning Components for specific user customisation (STRUCTURE)
  • Maximum Comfort and Durability
Wrap and lift design

This design uses shape and differing firmness to equally distribute weight throughout the femurs and properly lifts through these long flat bones transferring weight from the ischial tuberocities and coccyx where breakdown tends to occur. The wrap design further equalizes pressure throughout the seated area.


Made of high density, high resiliency polyurethane foam to provide durability and maintain the lift and support properties.

EPS (expanded polystyrene beads)

The light-weight aqueous gel incorporates EPS beads. A specific gel mixture that is impregnated into the EPS beads to keep them suspended as a compound to ensure a proper flow. This compound is much lighter than an equivalent amount of standard gel.

Removable inner liner

Allows for true customisation for each user based on their needs.

Choice of inserts

For the Spectrum and Structure cushions, clients have the choice of gel, foam or air inserts.

Standard Sizes

10″x10″ to 24″x24″ all standard sizes. Customisation such as custom sizes, leg length discrepancies, obliquity build-ups, and many other unique shapes to fit individual needs of our customers.

Available Sizes for the Synergy Cushions
10″ × 10″ 12″ × 10″ 14″ × 12″ 16″ × 14″ 18″ × 16″ 20″ × 16″ 22″ × 16″ 24″ × 16″
10″ × 12 “ 12″ × 12″ 14″ × 14″ 16″ × 16″ 18″ × 18″ 20″ × 18″ 22″ × 18″ 24″ × 18″
12″ × 14″ 14″ × 16″ 16″ × 18″ 18″ × 20″ 20″ × 20″ 22″ × 20″ 24″ × 20″
16″ × 20″ 18″ × 22″ 20″ × 22″ 22″ × 22″ 24″ × 22″
20″ × 24″ 22″ × 24″ 24″ × 24″

Flexible positioning options

The Structure cushion includes modular positioning components to allow specific client customisation.

Unique design (with the finest materials)

  • BASES:High density, high resiliency polyurethane foam
  • Light Weight Aqueous Gel
  • Choice of Inserts: Gel, Air or Foam (Spectrum and Structure)
  • Wrap and Lift Design
  • SENSUS Form Retaining Foam
  • 4-Way Stretch Top Fabric
  • Pliable Urethane, fluid resistant, Inner Liner
  • Non-slip Bottom

The three types of Synergy Cushions are

synergy_cushionSynergy Solution Cushion

For the active client, the Solution has a contoured, wrap and- lift base designed with high density, high resiliency (HR) polyurethane foam that redistributes weight away from areas vulnerable to skin breakdown. This, along with a twin-cell gel well, dual viscoelastic foam layers, 4-way stretch top fabric, pliable urethane fluid resistant inner liner and non-slip bottom, offers pressure management, positioning and long lasting comfort.

Synergy Spectrum Cushion

The Spectrum takes the wrap-and-lift base design to the next level by providing an extra-deep well and allowing the provider to choose the medium that offers the best pressure management and comfort for the individual client. Choices available are: the lightweight twin-cell gel, the multi-cell air, or the viscoelastic foam insert. This system provides comfort as well as excellent pressure management and positioning.

synergy_structureSynergy Structure Cushion

The Structure expands even further on the wrap-and-lift base design by combining a choice of pressure management insert the lightweight twin-cell gel, the multi-cell air, or the viscoelastic foam with modular positioning components. This allows the provider to deliver client-specific customisation for maximum pressure management, unparalleled positioning, and incredible comfort.

Spectrum Air

Unprecedented stability and positioning from an air cushionFeatures


  • 4″ multi-cell air insert
  • Waterproof, antibacterial Sil-Air base
  • Compact hand pump for on-the-go air pressure adjustment
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