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Motion wheelchairsBackrest Profiler

“We want to make a good impression for your client”

backrest profiler

How do we achieve the best shape? In exactly the same way that the shape of the hand is captured in the Pin Art toy, which is something we’ve all played with at some point in our lives.

The Backrest Profiler assessment tool is made up of 10 horizontal layers.

Each layer consists of 46 ‘soft end’ aluminium fingers that exactly map the clients’ shape where support is required. We carefully mould around the clients shape to produce a 3 dimensional mirror image. This profile can then be used to replicate the precise shape into a back cushion.

A variety of pressure cushions can be used as well as our own multi foam;

  • Anti Thrust cushions
  • Adductor pads or a pommel for abduction can be fitted and there are lap-belt and harness capabilities
  • The tilt-in-space can lay back 55 degrees and can be used with back recline at any angle
  • Armrests are height and position adjustable

To cater for the lower legs, the knee to foot specifications can change in length and angle and the footrest is infinitely Plantar and Dorsi adjustable.

The moulding process usually takes around an hour to satisfactorily complete. Photos are sometimes taken to highlight the improvement between how the client currently sits and what can be achieved

With the above seating assessment tool we can create the exact seating conditions/corrections to suit your individual needs.

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